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Medical X-Ray Equipment

Explore our line of Medical DR imaging machines below. For more detailed product information or for a quick quote, contact our team.



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Medical Industry | AMRAD

AMRAD® Medical AAU Classic and AAU Elite

Single-detector solution designed for high-volume facilities. Peak Performance Achieve peak performance by migrating most exams to standing positions improving productivity and throughput. Smart Investment AAU Classic offers equal features and earn equal reimbursement to all of its more costly competition and all of this with an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

More Details
  • Detector-neutral
  • Solid and ergonomic design
  • Fully motorized
  • Auto-positioning using 18 customizable equipment memory positions
  • Smart location software allows for use in various ceiling heights
  • Advanced optimal display remains upright for easy reading of screen regardless of arm position
  • Designed for use with fixed flat panel detectors
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Medical Industry | AMRAD MEDICAL

FRS Classic

The FRS Classic from AMRAD Medical is an exceptional value, both in functionality and cost of ownership. The FRS comes standard with an industry-leading 5-year parts warranty to back up our promise of quality. Improve Productivity Migrating exams to standing positions helps to improve productivity. Quality and Value Hospital grade equipment that can handle the busiest of clinics or hospital environments.

More Details
  • Single-detector solution
  • Minimal learning curve
  • Includes 500 lb. patient mobile table
  • Motorized detector stand
  • Designed to improve patient through-put
  • Simple, durable design minimizes downtime and allows for fast installation
  • Upgradeable to include auto-tracking to detector stand for upright imaging
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Medical Industry | AMRAD MEDICAL

DFMT Elite

Designed for high-volume throughput for Hospitals, Orthopedics, and Medical Imaging Facilities, the DFMT Elite from AMRAD Medical can perform a broad range of exams while optimizing technologist productivity and patient workflow. The DFMT Elite stands out in the class of high-performance medical systems by offering the only 5-year parts warranty of its kind! Simplicity and functionality provide broad positioning capability for patient procedures, including cross table laterals. Feature-rich controls and ease of use enables the technologist to focus on patient care.

More Details
  • Robustly designed for high-volume facilities
  • Smart Button Technology
  • Buttons for vertical and horizontal
    movement intuitively swap
    functions for seamless operation
  • Adaptive Optimal Display
    display changes orientation for easy viewing
  • Simple service
  • LED operational status indicators
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Medical Industry | Carestream


Just as a compass always points North, the CARESTREAM DRX-Compass X-ray System points the way to a successful future. It has just the right selection of advanced features and options to take your workflow to a new level of efficiency – it will meet your most pressing needs in the present, and provide a clear expansion pathway for the future.

More Details
  • Exceptional image quality supports accurate diagnoses
  • Scalable and upgradable to help eliminate technology obsolescence
  • Wide selection of components lets you configure the ideal system for your needs 
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Medical Industry | Turner Imaging Systems


The Smart-C is an extremely light, full-capability mini C-Arm. As a battery-operated system, you can bring the Smart-C directly to patients to perform full fluoroscopic and radiological imaging on-location. This is true point-of-care technology.

More Details
  • All parts of the Smart-C are battery operated making it a completely cordless system
  • Lightweight (16lbs)
  • 6" x 6" imaging area with superfine 100 μm pixel resolution
  • CMOS flat panel detector is only 1.5 inches thick making it the thinnest in the market
  • Wifi image transfer to PACS
  • Wireless footswitch
  • Carbon Fiber Frame for durability and strength
  • Use the Smart-C as an independent tabletop device or on a support stand to meet your surgeon's individual needs
  • Bright 27" monitor with class-leading 12" live image
  • Agile positioning of C-Arm when mounted to support stand
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Medical Industry | AMRAD Medical

SRS Pocket

The AMRAD Medical SRS Pocket is a small room solution that eases the challenge of not having enough space. Designed to be compact, but yet functional, table and upright exams are no match for the Pocket. The SRS Pocket delivers in every aspect of small but mighty.

More Details
  • The AMRAD Medical SRS Pocket is designed to tackle one of the biggest challenges that facilities face today which is the cost of real estate. 
  • Space for an x-ray suite is always needed to perform exams with ease, but exisiting facilities often do not have adequate space. For new medical locations that are being built, space for x-ray is often an afterthought.
  • With the growth in urgent care, facilities do not always have sufficient space for imaging. The AMRAD SRS Pocket solves that problem because it can be installed in the pocket (9' x 9' room including control booth) of a medical facility. 
  • A creative dual rail design, allows the tubestand and wallstand to function independently; however, this unique two rail design also allows the tubestand and wallstand to come together and form a single unit that can be moved and positioned simultaneously. 
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Medical Industry | Micro-X

Micro-X Rover

Rover Portable is the first Micro-X branded, fully integrated digital mobile X-ray machine designed for high throughput hospitals and radiology clinics. The lightweight design ensures the X-ray machine is highly maneuverable, easy to use, and positioned around the patient, providing high-quality images for better patient outcomes. The Rover Portable X-ray machine offers premium capabilities without the price tag and is ideal for hospitals, specialist radiology clinics, and ultra-mobile facilities.

More Details

Ideal for portable chest, ICU, orthopedic and pediatric imaging, Rover Portable delivers the following key advantages:

  • Unique Carbon Nano Tube provides an ultra-lightweight design for easy maneuverability and arm positioning
  • Integrated DR technology delivers fast workflow and higher image quality than CR systems, at a lower capital cost
  • "Feather Touch" drive and small footprint make manoeuvering and navigating simple and easy
  • Sleek design offers line-of-sight visibility over the column and around the entire system
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Medical Industry | AGFA


DR 800 Offers Fluoroscopy and More. DR 800 is not the “remote room” of the past. You can choose to work in the room table-side with the patient or remote!

More Details
  • MUSICA with dynamic image processing and workflow
  • DR 800 is not the “remote room” of the past. You can choose to work in the room table-side with the patient or remote!
  • Advanced Cesium Iodide (CsI) detectors offering high-speed, high-resolution imaging and potential for a lower dose
  • LiveVision Technology allowing accurate dose-free remote positioning
  • High-frequency fluoroscopy generators (50, 65 or 80 kW)
  • Uncompromising chest imaging through 180 cm SID
  • Integrated auto-switching anti-scatter grid
  • X-Team Technology for collaboration between Radiologists & Technologists
  • Advanced clinical applications including full leg/full spine examinations and digital tomosynthesis
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Medical Industry | AGFA

AGFA DR 100s

With its customer driven design, amazing usability and freedom of movement, the DR 100s offers your facility a new force in mobile imaging. Combining a remarkably narrow width and light weight with a powerful generator and imaging processing, it puts performance and agility at your fingertips.

More Details
  • Exceptional agility and ergonomics
  • Outstanding comfort and safety for patients and staff
  • A smooth, efficient workflow
  • Excellent DR image quality and potential for dose reduction
  • High-productivity bedside imaging of chest, abdomen, full leg/full spine, …
  • MUSICA Nerve Center for enhanced productivity and image quality
  • Seamless communication with PACS, RIS and HIS
Medical Industry | Carestream

Carestream DRX-Evolution Plus

The Carestream DRX-Evolution Plus offers proven image quality, versatility, scalability and increased productivity.

More Details

Proven Image Quality

  • The wireless, cassette-sized DRX Detector and EVP Plus image-processing software deliver superb image quality.
  • Optional EVP Plus Software provides increased latitude and high-contrast image detail.
  • Software options accommodate specialties such as pediatrics, orthopedics, and trauma.


  • Choose a one-, two- or three-detector option to perform many types of imaging exams, including tabletop and long-length imaging.
  • The automated overhead tube is designed for positioning convenience and efficiency.
  • Detectors are fixed or wireless.


  • Customize a DR solution to ­fits your workflow and budget.
  • Add DR systems as your facility expands and grows.
  • Designed for advanced future applications.

Increased Productivity

  • Images are ready for viewing and manipulation on the console and in seconds.
  • One space-saving console controls all medical imaging functions.
  • Auto-positioning for fast and accurate setup
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Medical Industry | AMRAD™

AMRAD™ Medical OTS Classic and Elite

The OTS Classic delivers maximum capability and is designed for use in orthopedics, imaging centers, free-standing ERs and hospitals. The OTS Elite delivers maximum capability and is designed for use in hospitals high-volume orthopedics,and free-standing ERs.

More Details
Medical Industry | AMRAD®

AMRAD® Medical AAU Classic and AAU Elite

Single-Receptor Solutions. The AAU Classic and AAU Elite represent the world's most widely accepted U Arm structures. Paired with the fully integrated DR Elite (AAU Elite), or purchased as a detector-neutral solution (AAU Classic), these built-to last U-arms provide excellent diagnostic results and greatly improve department productivity.

More Details

AAU Classic and AAU Elite

Peak Performance
Achieve peak performance by migrating most exams to standing positions improving productivity and throughput.

Smart Investment
AAU Elite offers equal features and earn equal reimbursement to all of its more costly competition and all of this at 5 times the warranty. Smart decisions equal smart investments. Be smart!

Add the following benefits with AAU Elite paired exclusively with DR Elite

Responsible Dose Management
Low Dose Sensitivity Mode (LDSM) allows for up to 50% dose reduction in dose sensitive studies while maintaining excellent diagnostic quality.

Seamless Stitching
Perform LLI and Scoliosis exams with accuracy and ease using the automated equipment and automatic stitching function.

Medical Industry | AMRAD®

AMRAD® Medical FRS Classic

Multi-Purpose Single Receptor Solution. This unique, multi-purpose radiographic system is designed for today's digital departments. Ideal for use with ambulatory patients, this system helps you to improve productivity and optimize workflow. The FRS can be adapted for most current CR and DR solutions...all within your budget.

More Details
  • Floor Mounted design minimizes installation requirements
  • The FRS is ideal for ambulatory patient settings and comes standard with a 500 lb. patient capacity mobile table.
  • Available as a CR or DR ready system, the FRS can be adapted to use with most current CR and DR solutions.
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Medical Industry | AGFA


Delivering flexible imaging excellence. A compact solution for all exams.

More Details

Why choose the DX-D 300?

Optimal flexibility.
The versatility to capture a wide range of studies. Enhanced productivity through excellence in image quality.

Easily installed in a limited space.
The DX-D 300 is the quick and easy way to go direct digital. With it, you’ll enjoy – consistently – the high image quality of MUSICA image processing.

Medical Industry | Carestream

Ziehm Vision RFD Mobile C-arm System

Carestream has partnered up with the Ziehm imaging team to create the Ziehm Vision RFD C-arm. This exciting new product is an extension of Carestream's Fluoroscopic and Mobile product line. By delivering high image quality, versatility, and ease of use, the Ziehm Vision RFD Mobile C-arm system is the best high-performance solution

More Details
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