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Veterinary Imaging Equipment

Explore our line of Veterinary Imaging Equipment Products below. For more detailed product information or for a quick quote, contact our team.

Veterinary Analog Equipment: Centura is the analog x-ray expert -- we can partner with you to replace or upgrade your systems with the best the industry has to offer. And our unparalleled service makes all the difference.

Veterinary Digital Equipment: Digital x-ray equipment is a must for today's veterinary practices. Take advantage of Centura's experience with CR and DR equipment to choose the right equipment for your specialized needs.



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Veterinary Industry | MyVet Imaging

MyVet Imaging Pan i2D Panoramic Dental X-Ray System

The world's first veterinary specialized mobile panoramic dental x-ray system. MyVet Pan i2D uses tomography to take a panoramic image of small animal's full mouth within a minute. Animal size selection switch and a positioning laser light guides practioners right position the patient easy and quickly. The ergonomic table design delivers comfort workflow to practioners by easy positioning with less preparation. The entire unit is mobile and unlike other medical system, a practioner can use it instantly without any special installation.

More Details

Actual scan time is approximately 20 seconds for full mouth. Panoramic images provide more coverage for bone defects and jaw lesions.  The panoramic system does not require any intraoral sensor that has to be wrapped by a cover at every exam. You need to simply clean the bed after using the system and it helps prevent your patient from infection and keep the clinical environment clean.

Veterinary Industry | MyVet Imaging

MyVet Imaging EzRay Vet Cart Mobile Intraoral X-Ray Cart System

EzRay vet cart, the mobile dental x-ray cart system expedites your veterinary dental treatment procedure and provides trouble-free workflow by minimizing anesthesia risks or restraint injuries. Features and benefits: CNT(Carbon nanotubes) x-ray technology, ergonomic design for workflow advantage, animal comfort.

More Details

CNT(Carbon nanotubes) x-ray technology

  • Maximum exposure time reduced by 75% to animal and user while maintaining optimal image quality.
  • Smart angulation exposure setting control maintains consistent image density whenever tube head is angled by automatically adjusting exposure setting.
  • Image quality maximized with narrow, focused beams directed at a 0.4mm focal spot.

Ergonomic design for workflow advantage

  • Compact, lightweight, one-hand control tube head and Non-drift head.
  • Preset technique per animal size – Simple dialing and shoot.
  • Like turning on a light bulb, No warm-up time required. No waiting time for next shoot.

Animal comfort

  • Easy to position tube head with one-hand control results in reduced time under anesthesia or in restraints during an NAD dental procedure.
  • Lower exposure levels required for animal during an dental imaging procedure.
Veterinary Industry | Summit Industries

Summit Industries InnoVet Versa X-Ray Systems

Versa is the premiere x-ray system for a practice that plans on upgrading to digital imaging in the future. A broad table design and high-frequency generator can accommodate almost any DICOM compliant digital receptor. So no additional space is required. Versa also comes with an easy-to-use cassette tray that fits a range of cassettes.

More Details
  • The unique collimator is easy to operate with gloved hands and also meets the Federal radiation leakage requirement for human applications.
  • The x-ray tube can be lowered to table height and turned a full 90 degrees for standing lateral exams.
  • The x-ray tube and cassette tray move in tandem across the entire length of the table so you can adjust the central ray, not the patient.
Veterinary Industry | Myvet imaging

Myvet Citation Portable Equine Imaging Workstation

All the essential imaging tools an equine practitioner needs to portably acquire optimal clinical results in an easy-to-carry case. Equine practitioners can provide more complete onsite treatments from diagnoses obtained with maximum image quality and workflow efficiency for a more positive experience.

More Details

Clinical benefits | Accurate diagnosis

  • 70 μm pixel pitch of the I/O sensor offers superior image quality
  • Wireless DR imaging acquisition and diagnosis software
  • Equine-specific image processing

Workflow | Portable and expandable

  • Rugged case with detachable tablet PC flap
  • Easy to read, ultra bright touch screen display
  • IP 68 rating under all working conditions

Animal comfort | Handy operation reduces animal stress

  • Equine specific simple and intuitive software interface
  • Fast acquisition (< 2 sec preview time, < 5 sec cycle time)
Veterinary Industry | 20/20 Imaging

20/20 Imaging Momentum-EQ

Lightweight, Portable, All-In-One DR-EQ Solution. The Lightest at Under 18lbs Custom holders and design is only available on MO-EQCustom Tablet Enclosure

More Details
  • Lightweight, Portable, All-In-One DR-EQ Solution
  • The Lightest at Under 18 lbs Custom holders and design is only available on MO-EQCustom Tablet Enclosure
  • Built in Positioner
  • All in one Charging Charge Everything with one power cableErgonomic Custom panel and Tablet holders
  • Accommodates all size hands for easy handlingRugged
  • Lightweight Aluminum durable designScratch Resistant Finish
Veterinary Industry | Myvet imaging

MyVet CT i3D

The innovative MyVet CT i3D with spiral linear detector technology brings multi-slice CT image quality at a very affordable total cost of ownership right to your practice. Unique sensor design and proprietary image processing development provide you with high image quality, especially in soft tissue thoracic and abdominal studies.

More Details

Simplified operation and imaging protocols optimize staff workflow, productivity, and diagnostic results. Fast scan times, MPR and standard 3D volume rendering functionality facilitate obtaining diagnostic results as well as minimizing animal time under anesthesia.

  • High image quality at low x-ray dose
  • Standard 3D CT mode
  • Superior soft tissue image
  • Narrow slice thickness
  • Large FOV
  • Fast installation and easy setup
Veterinary Industry | Myvet imaging

MyVet Table i72W

i72W, the MyVet x-ray table is a revolutionary design that delivers silent elevation to provide comfort and stability for the patient. The MyVet x-ray table is a cost-effective and workflow-efficient approach to veterinary digital radiographic imaging for your practice.

More Details

17x17 inch Large Format Flat Panel Detector

The large-format 17”x17” detectors provide a faster and more streamlined approach to digital radiography imaging.

Unlike a traditional 14”x17” film size, a full field of view 17”x17” format eliminates the need to rotate a detector for large animals and body parts.

Veterinary Industry | Myvet imaging

EZRay Air P

The EzRay Air Portable is a lightweight portable X-ray device designed for easy handling and stable positioning for optimal image quality on your intra-oral X-rays.

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